This page last updated on 9/25/02

This campaign is an experiment in Shadowrun gaming, and as such we'll all be learning as we go along.
This will be an amoral campaign, but not in the sense given in SRComp. Karma will be awarded for heroics, daring stunts, quick thinking, fast talking, and otherwise doing the best you can, rather than for doing deeds that benefit humanity.
This does NOT mean that I expect all, or even most, of the runners to be willing to sell their mothers to an organlegger just because she doesn't have any other in-game usefulness. Most people have some sort of morals, this just gives you the option to choose them for your character yourself, rather than being railroaded into morality. I don't expect more than one or two really hardened psychopaths, with perhaps a barely-human near-cyberzombie thrown in. The majority will probably have something they will balk at, and the interactions between these two catagories will provide that much more opportunity for good roleplaying.

Just to make it absolutely clear, though, one thing will NOT be tolerated: guilt-tripping another player on a player-to-player basis in an attempt to get the other player to hire your character, give you more pay, etc.

Further updates as events warrant.